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It's like a glue that never unsticks..
Once it attaches to you..
It leeches like a blood thirsty parasite...
Your soul is sucked from your very being, And the shell you are left with begins to crack..
You think you have something left, but that's merely an after taste of what you had..
You cry out, but they fall upon deaf ears, You show courage, and are put back in your place..
Yes, I know, i'm sorry, I won't believe in myself again, I was stupid for thinking i could..Gomen, Gomen..
Your tears come, and never cease, Your sadness formulates behind cracked smiles.
You bring joy and good tiding to the world, yet leave none for yourself..
"I-i'm sorry for upsetting you, please be happy...I'll do anything....."
You reach out for what seems to be a hand reaching to you to help you out the dark, sickening pit life has thrown you into..

Only to find that life fucked you over once more..
you give your already fragile, shattered heart shards to one you feel you can trust..

And they take those precious pieces--
Oh, so many pieces..

And grind them into more pieces..
I have no more strength to do this on my own

No more tape to keep mending this badly shattered soul..

".......Are you alright...? Please, smile for me..........."
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Submitted on
December 7, 2013


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